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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Travel Guide To England, United Kingdom

There are some very good places to visit in England during your vacation trip and here they go;

Ride the Ferry to England

There is a way to travel to the UK which is through Santander Ferry which links with the UK.

Driving on the Left

If you bring your car or rent one upon arrival at the airport, we recommend you to learn the basic driving principles and one of them is about the left hand drive. So you nee to be careful that you know how to drive left hand vehicles if it is not followed in the country you are coming from.

Ballooning in Bath

Flying in the balloon in Bath and other areas of the UK is a must in order to make your visit memorable. Ballooning in Bath has become an activity that is now in fashion, so you must take the advantage of it.


The pubs have turned out to be an excellent alternative for the cheap meals around the UK, so you may try any of them in order to get the meals at cheap prices.

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Rural Tourism in England

There is a quite good view in the rural areas of England and the tourists love to have a view of the natural landscapes and the crops in the field. You can also rent a cottage and to enjoy your bed and breakfast there.

In short, it is a highly an enjoyable trip to UK and you will certainly have the best time of your life. Keep in mind that you will need to take quite some time for your tour to UK for the reason that it is quite a huge place to explore.

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