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Friday, 18 October 2013

The Festivals To Enjoy In Canada

Some events and festivals are worthwhile and they have consideration being the major tourist attractions as well. There are a lot of festivals held in Canada and some of the major ones are listed below;

Celebration of Light – Vancouver

As its name suggest, it is the event where you get to see the lights in abundance in form of fireworks. In fact, it is the largest firework competition in the world held in Canada.

The Calgary Stampede in Calgary

It is one of the most famous festivals with hundreds of thousands of tourists, visitors and competitors in the art of rodeo and everything surrounding the Old West.

Edmonton Folk Music Festival in Edmonton, Alberta

The outdoor theater, street performers, country music festivals, the Grand Prix of Edmonton and a variety of festivals are held in Edmonton Folk Music Festival.

The Toronto International Film Festival

It is considered as one of the most important film festivals in the world, and it is the first film festival in North America from where the Oscar race begins. The largest film festival is open to the public

Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa

It is an international event in which the city receives every spring, hundreds of thousands of tulips, a gift from the Royal Family of the Netherlands while Tulips are planted in several areas of the city.

Quebec Winter Carnival in Quebec City

It is held every year in the city of Quebec and is considered to be largest winter carnival in the world. It starts the last Friday of February or the first Friday of February and lasts for 17 days. Around one million people participate in it each year.

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