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Monday, 23 September 2013

Catalonia receives 11 million international tourists while Spain received 42.3 million foreign tourists up 4.5%

Catalonia has received 11,039,220 international tourists between January and August, up 6.5%, and remains the head of state receiving 26.1% of total foreign visitors who visit Spain.

This is reflected in the Survey Frontier Tourist Movement released Monday by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.

Spain received 42.3 million foreign tourists in the first eight months of the year, representing an increase of 4.5% over the same period last year and again setting record in August after rising by 7.1% up to 8.3 million international visitors.

The Department led by José Manuel Soria has highlighted the contribution of Nordic visitors’ net growth in this period after reaching 3.2 million tourists in August up 18.1%.

United Kingdom, the largest market for Spain, recorded a rise of 4.8% between January and August while Germany, the second largest market, rose 6.2% in the first eight months of the year.

Meanwhile, traditional markets recorded declines as Italy (-11.9%), Portugal (-7.6%) compared to the significant increases as Russian tourism increased the number of visitors by 30.7% in so far this year with more than a million arrivals.

Among the regions, after Catalunya, Balearic stands an increase of 8.3% in the number of foreign tourists and 19.7% of total arrivals through August along with Canaries with 6.7 million tourists, 15.9% of the total, with a rise of 1.5%, and Andalusia, with 5.5 million tourists captured 13.1% of the total, registering an increase of 4.1%.

The greatest increase was recorded in Valencia with a rise of 11.8% to 4.2 million tourists with 9.9% of total arrivals, while Madrid fell by 7.7% to 2.7 million tourists which is 6.5% of the total.

New Record Monthly

Spain in August reached 8.3 million foreign tourists, representing an increase of 7.1% over the same month last year, a new record in July.

For markets, the United Kingdom increased by 6.8% and 24.3% captured near the international arrivals. Balearic Islands and Catalonia were the main destinations.

French Tourist arrivals rose by 9.3% this month becoming the biggest contributor to market growth with more than 1.8 million arrivals and 21.7% of visits with Catalonia, the Canary Islands and Valencia as the main destinations.

Germany grew by 13.5% as third source market in the eighth month of the year. Baleares was the big winner with an increase of about 23%, compared to a drop of the Canary Islands.

The Nordic countries recorded a rise of 18.9% with the issuance of 4.3% of arrivals while the tourists from Netherlands fell by 10.5%.

Catalan Up & Madrid Cae

For communities, Catalonia received 2.2 million tourists in August -27.1% of total arrivals which represents a 12.3% increase, the largest in Spain driven by the greater weight of the French and Russian against a fall of 22.2% in Madrid mainly due to the decline of Italian and Latin American market.

Balearic occupied the second position this month with an increase of 10.6% and a volume of tourists over two million. Andalusia increased its tourists by 6.1% over one million visitors while Canary grew by 6.1%.

11.3% Rebounds Hiring A Package

The airport was the main gateway to Spain of tourists in August, with a weight of 73.4%. Both modalities showed increases as 6.4% in airways and 10.2% on the road.

Although the hotels were the most popular with a weight of 56.3%, this month highlights the strong growth (+8.5%) of non-hotel accommodation fueled by rising rental housing (+15.1%) and to rent a limo. 71.4% of tourists did not receive or hire a tour package, a group that has grown by 5.6% over the same month last year. Meanwhile, the package tourists were up 11.3%.

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